-how much of my money goes to charity?  we will donate $5.00 of every pair of dropsock that we sell to our water partner, water.org.  think of it this way, you're giving fifty cents for each toe you put into your drop socks.

-who is water.org?  water.org is an international nonprofit organization that has positively transformed millions of lives around the world by providing access to safe water and sanitation. founded by gary white and matt damon, water.org pioneers innovative, sustainable solutions to the global water crisis, giving women hope, children health and communities a future.

-how is my five dollar donation helping?  we're excited to be able to give your donation to our water partner water.org knowing that they will use it in helping to provide clean drinking water and sanitation to folks around the globe.  Your gift will support water.org's efforts to provide safe water and sanitation access to those in need.  you can be sure that water.org will use your donation wisely. water.org meets the best-in-class charity navigator 4-Star criteria for organizational efficiency and effectiveness, and holds the independent charities of america's "best in america" seal of excellence. water.org's full financials are available at: http://water.org/about/finance/.  if you haven't heard of water.org we invite you to head on over to www.water.org to learn more about all the things they are doing, it's great stuff!

-are the packable drop sock unisex?  yes, the drop sock is totally unisex.

-tell me about the materials.  the body of our drop sock is made from 100% italian fiber recycled from plastic bottles that are ultra lightweight & completely traceable back to their source.  our suede trim is 100% recycled from post industrial technology waste.

-are your shipping materials also recycled?  yes, you bet they are!  our vendors are doing their part to help the planet too. our shipping cartons are made from 100% recycled material supplied by ecoenclose. They also supply us with our tape to close up our boxes, made using renewable natural rubber adhesive and it's biodegradable. our return address & thank you stickers are recycled and recyclable, supplied by plan it green. they are made of 30% PCW recycled material and the other 70% is FSC certified sourced fiber and printed with low voc toners. our shipping labels are also 100% recycled material. our tissue paper is 100% recycled from Nashville Wraps.  the drop sock protective plastic bag is biodegradable and is supplied by i-hwa Industrial Co., Ltd and and our water2wear hangtags are made using 100% recycled paper from minima-tech.

-does the drop sock have anti-slip tread?  yes, during our customer trial period the number one request for our slipper sock was that it have an anti-slip grip on the bottom, so we used out customized logo and made it special.

-are my slipper sock machine washable? yes , we recommend you wash your slipper sock with like colors in cold water using non chlorine detergent and dry on a low temperature.

-can I wear my drop sock inside my boots?  when we designed the sock we hadn't  thought about this, but during our customer trial period several of our testers said, "i wish i had these last winter, i would have worn them in my boots to walk to my classes across campus".  so yes, wear your drop sock how ever you like.  but we do caution you not to wear them outside on their own.

-can we buy the packable drop sock in a store?  right now, the packable drop sock is currently only available online.

-do you sell the drop sock for children?  not yet, but it's one of our main focuses for future seasons, so keep a look out on social media for our announcement about the drop sock mini.

-what does pre-order mean?  it means we're not quite ready to ship but want to make sure you are one of the first to receive your packable drop socks so we'll reserve your favorite color and size and ship it to you as soon as it's available.

is shopping and payments secure on your sight?  yes, we work with the shopify platform for our water2wear site and they guarantee everything is safe and sound for your purchase.

-what shipping options do you offer?  we ship with the united states postal system using priority mail and our shipping prices are calculated based on weight & your country destination.  you can view the shipping cost on our shipping page.  our beginning rates are listed here for your convenience.  us & apo $8.00, canada $11.00, europe $15.00.