equally important to us at water2wear is not only what we can give back to the environment but what we can give to folks in need of clean drinking water.  
all over the world there are those in need of safe clean drinking water and, well, they just don’t have this luxury. Women and children spend hours a day walking to and from rivers and lakes to source their water for that day. Often the water they find is dirty, contaminated and undrinkable.
here at water2wear, for every pair of drop socks we sell, we will donate $5.00 (10% of your purchase) to our water partner, Water.org, who is working to provide clean sustainable drinking water solutions close to home for those in need in countries around the world.
when a child was asked if she would study more with the time she now had due to clean drinking water being brought to her village, she replied, “I’m already the smartest in my class, no, I will play more”.
when you purchase your luxury packable drop socks please know that it's not only good for your feet, but good for the feet of the folk who walk for water every day, oh and good for the environment 2.