our makers

the Li-Yuen garment company was established in 2003 in southern vietnam just one and a half hours from ho chi minh city in what was once a battlefield during the vietnam war.                        

Li-Yuen has approximately eight hundred staff members with fourteen people in management from taiwan, china and the philippines.  all the Li-Yuen staff work a normal eight hour shift six days a week according to all applicable laws and regulations of Vietnam. tien, thuy and vu are all helping to create the drop sock, so we wanted you to get to know a bit about them.                      

  • tien is the sewing technician chief and thirty-six years old.  he has been working at Li-Yuen for eleven years.  he has one ten year old son and he lives locally in the tay ninh province. 
  • thuy is part of the sewing staff and is thirty-seven years old.  thuy has been working at Li-Yuen for nine years and thuy’s husband also works at the company as a security guard.  they have a fifteen year old daughter and a nine year old son.  they also live locally.
  • vu is the packing chief and is thirty years old.  vu has been working with the company for three years.  he is single and a commuter, as his home is 80km away from the factory.


a peak inside the factory shows the spreading table, where the fabric is laid out & prepared for cutting & the pressing and finishing area.  this area is where the drop socks are pressed and trimmed before they go onto the packing area.


the tay ninh province, where Li-Yuen is located, is bordered by cambodia on three sides with the eastern border being formed by the Saigon river.  in 1969 the viet cong captured tay ninh town and held it for several days.  during the 1970's the khmer rouge launched a number of cross-boarder raids into tay ninh province.

Li-Yuen's mother company, carnival industrial corp, was established in taiwan in 1969 and has been making and exporting garments to the us markets since the 1990's.