our fabrics

our packable drop socks are made from an italian filament yarn, called newlife™, that comes from 100% recycled post-consumer plastic PET bottles that are processed into a polymer through a mechanical process (without use of chemicals) and spun into yarn exclusively in italy within a 90 km radius. 

newlife™ is currently certified by grs (global recycle standards by textile exchange) and oeko-tex®. according to the LCA (life cycle assessment) study by ICEA (institute for ethic and environmental certification) newlife™ production allows savings in consumption of energy resources and CO2 emissions compared to virgin polyester fibers production.

this yarn is knit into the fabrics we use. all our fabrics provide thermal insulation, comfort & lightness in weight with a feeling of natural fibers.   all our fabrics have an accreditation number associated with them to easily track from bottle source to filament and finally into fabric.  


olivier balas (above), is president of the company that produces the fabric we use for the drop sock.  
I visit Olivier in new york city during the textile fair, pv preview, to review all his recycled newlife™ fabrics. olivier has been in business since 2001.
our high performance trim fabrics are conscientiously engineered ultrasuede and are created from a recycling process where 80% uses 100% recycled ultra-microfiber together with their 20% non-fibrous binder that reduces both energy consumption and CO2 emission by as much as 80%.  this fabric is exceptionally durable yet very luxurious, soothing to the touch in any climate and easy to care for with machine washing.  you may remember, halston made ultrasuede so popular that in 1977, the new york times referred to it as “the rolls royce of fabrics.”


  • ultrasuede begins with  polymer ultra-microfibers spun so light and fine, a strand measuring more than 50 miles long would weigh less than a gram.    
  • these strands are then transformed via a complex process that includes ironing, curling, cutting and needle-punching into a soft, felt-like material that is then impregnated with a special adhesive binder.
  • the end result:  ultrasuede a richly complex non-woven fabric offering an unparalleled combination of luxury, appeal, performance and ease of care.
  • toray's r&d center in shizuoka, japan.   

 ultrasuede® manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001-certified for quality and ISO 14001-certified for safety and environmental protection.